Panasonic NI-W950A The Amazing 360 Quick Iron

Have you been looking for the best and the most affordable steam iron? A great steam iron can be your wardrobe’s best friend. It has been quite a time since we got a Panasonic steam iron for reviewing. The last we did went quite well, it was a pleasure experience to have dealt with them. This time around we bring to you Panasonic NI-W950A. The cost of the product made this model one of the most expensive steam irons out there. What astounds us that it was much more expensive than lots of upright steamers and iron stations. But thankfully enough for people willing to buy this now, the price has sank all the way down to $84.99 from $250. It is pretty magical if you ask us, and also makes the product affordable in the process.

We feel the multi-directional abilities are really unique. Some of the folks think it is more likely featured for the selling point, but that is not at all true. Yes, definitely you can iron in all the directions with any random iron, but the point is this iron makes it much more convenient. As for a normal iron, at times it becomes quite a bit of task to twist and turn your hands to spin the iron in all the directions. While this iron effortlessly glides over the clothing and we have definitely noticed our ironing time diminish to some point. Also, the soleplate is top-notch quality and definitely outshines most of the expensive steam irons out there. It comprises of anodized alumite, the same stuff that is used to manufacture car engines. This also gives the iron a scratch-proof coating, and is a lot more sturdy whilst it is at it. Now we have been using this iron for a really long time so it is safe to say that Panasonic NI-W950A is durable.

Panasonic 360 Quick Iron has many features we appreciate, and Iron safety tops most of its features. The iron stands quite safely and securely, thanks to Panasonic for making its weight evenly distributed at all ends. The feel of iron during its usage is just awesome and its extra long cord adds up more to it. This iron has over a hundred of steam vents which manages to produce lots of steam making the clothes look really, really crispy although the steam does not cover all the places. It has the ability to iron all the types of fabrics very well. Sometimes I find it tricky to fill up the water tank due to its color (Violet), but that is not really a concern. The actual concern are the steam settings, there are three of them and none of them really works to their extreme best even on a good day. Although we do not see this as a deal breaker, thought this was only con we really noticed and had to bring this up.

On the whole, Panasonic NI-W950A presents a perfect solution to all your ironing needs. It is a must have appliance because not only is it easy to get hold of it, but is a lot cheaper too. It does not matter if you iron just a few times a week or every other hour, this gets the job done safely, economically and efficiently.

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